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So you want help finding God.

You have come to the right place. Not because God is here more then there, but because I will help encourage you in your journey, and I'll leave the heavy work to God.

This section of "Is God Alive" accepts first, that you believe in God. God's existence is, therefore, taken for granted in this section.

Secondly you have asked for help finding God. You must first decide. Do you want to find my opinion, or do you want to find God?

Similarly, do you want to find religion, or do you want to find God?

My opinion, as the opinions of all your fellow humans is irrelevant unless it is God's opinion and who are we to say? However, we can not act upon what we do not know. Therefore what is relevant is that I act honestly based upon what I believe to be true.

Now, if there is no God, but my belief prompts me to be kind and loving to others then my faith is mistaken but my manner of life benefits all around me. Nothing is lost but much is gained.

On the other hand, if God is alive and I seek him, will he not be capable of revealing himself to me? If he is God he is perfectly capable of doing so.

Thus while my opinion is irrelevant to you, acting upon what I believe in a spirit of honesty toward my creator is completely relevant to me. It is the only way I can seek God.

By the same token, I can not help another find God as I have, except to relate my own knowledge of God. God is perfectly capable of using my encouragement to others to reveal himself and to guide both you and me as God would have us guided. In fact the Bible says God will do just that. He will "guide us into all truth." It makes sense that God can and will do so if God is alive.

Therefore I trust God to make up for my weaknesses. If he chooses to use humans to help other humans overriding the fallacies of humans is his responsibility if he wants truth imparted.

If God is not alive this all makes no sense. If God is not alive then the only way you will believe in God is if I or someone else convinces or coerces you to do so. I feel no need to convince you of anything because I believe God is alive and I have faith in him. My aim is to simply encourage you to seek God and, as I said, I will leave the heavy work to God.

Now, I was raised to believe that the Bible tells me of God, and the way to God. Therefore I will refer to the Bible as the guide to seeking for God.

Some Christians will scoff that I would even consider the possibility that you could find God without the Bible. But don't be too hard on them. The followers of the other religions of the world hold similarly close-minded opinions about finding God via their religions.

Today I see people almost worshiping the Bible as though it was their God. Remember, the Bible is called God's Word. As such Christians believe it is God's creation. What part of God's creation should be worshiped? The earth and the sun are God's creation too. Both are, like the Bible, powerful tools used by God to communicate himself. King David, the primary author of the largest of all the Biblical books did not have a Bible. He referred to the earth and the heavens as his record of God's strength, love, and care for him. God evidences himself through his creation, but don't begin to worship the creation rather then the creator.

There is no doubt that you do not need a Bible to find God. More people have found God without the Bible then have found God through the Bible. God does not need the written word to communicate himself to us.

Noah found God without a Bible, as did Abraham, the father of the Jewish and Arab nations. We mentioned king David of Jewish history who found God without a Bible as did Moses, and all the believers before him. In fact, until the invention of the printing press in about 1440, precious few had any written books let alone a Bible.

Jewish kings were required to write a personal copy of the Law of Moses, but that was about as close as anyone, before the 1400's, had of owning a copy of the Bible.

I, however, have found God through the Bible. You have asked me to help you find God. Therefore I will help you the only way I know. I want you to clearly understand that I am not saying there is no other way to find God. But for me, it will be through the Bible that I will seek to help you in your search for God.

Therefore the givens of this section are: (1) you believe in God, (2) you understand that I will seek to help you find God through the Bible, and (3) you are not expected to take anything for granted that does not make sense.

Too often when dealing with religion one is asked to believe something just because someone says it. Now, if God looks me in the eye as he did Moses on Sinai and tells me something and I know it is God talking that will be proof enough for me. But even Moses wanted to make sure it was God who was doing the talking before he would believe. And God agreed with this logic. God does not expect us to believe illogical nonsense.

For instance, when God talked to Moses in the desert he did not do so through a human form, for how would Moses distinguish between a smooth talking stranger, or rabbi, and God? God spoke through the impossibility of a burning bush, and then God backed up that miracle with a dozen more. Why? Could God not have just given Moses, the Israelites and the Egyptians faith to believe? Sure God could. So why did he use miraculous proofs? Maybe it was not just for Moses and the others in his day. Maybe it was for us many years later, so that we would see that God makes sense. God, as mysterious, as invisible, as inaudible as he is, God is logical.

So we will look for logic. If all the Bible contained were unbelievable and illogical rantings, would we believe it was God's word at all? What other book do you believe is God's word? If so, why? If not, why not?

Remember, if you seek for God, God will make sure you find him.

Do you believe the Bible because God told you it was his word? God did not hand carve it for you and deliver it to you on Sinai, so you must discern whether it is from God or not; whether it merits your faith or not.

If your beliefs are based on what your parents said, or your pastor said, or your priest said, or your religion said, then your faith is in the men and women who put the guilt trip on you. It is not imperative that you take anything for granted just because every one around you is saying it.

You must decide what makes sense to you, not what makes sense to some religious leader or authority figure.

The religious may stand aghast and scream, who are you and I to pick and choose what is God's word? Who is anybody? I'll tell you who we are. We are God's creation. We are sensioned beings with intellect and reasoning powers. The question is not who are we to choose. Rather it is our responsibility to choose. God gives us the power, ability and responsibility to choose. Our life and relationship to him depends on our choices. So don't discount your right and ability to choose. It is imperative that what you believe makes sense. The Bible must make sense to be believable.

For me, the Bible does make sense. Real sense. Am I claiming to understand all it says? No! Nor have I met any person who does. On the contrary, I have met hundreds, in fact, I can assuredly say I have met thousands of Bible scholars, and I have never met an honest Bible scholar who claims to understand all the Bible. But my faith in the part of it that I understand is stronger then anything in my life. And the central teaching of the Bible and of Jesus in particular is so pervasive in its scope and so overwhelming in its logic that I have no hesitation to accept the Bible's authority.

My faith in the teaching of Jesus dictates, rules, compels and directs my life. It gives me meaning, joy, peace, love and security. It is not a crutch. It is more then a temporary stilt. It is my foundation. It is by this faith that I know and find God. And it is this faith in God that I seek to help you achieve.

The Bible says, "Without faith it is impossible to please God, for he that comes to God must believe that God is, and that God is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him."

You asked for help finding God. It would be insane to seek what you do not believe exists. Therefore, you believe God is. That is step one. But a giant step. Now are you diligently seeking him? To do something diligently is defined as studious, careful, steady, earnest, an energetic effort. It comes from the Latin diligens, from present participle of diligere to esteem, love.

Seek after God with diligence. Love seeking for God. Studiously seek for God. Carefully seek for God. Be steady, earnest and energetic in seeking for God.

In the Old Testament God says, "You shall seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart." That makes sense! God wants me to find him because God made me and God loves me. It is not whether I am adhering to a set of rules spelled out by some religion. God is looking past all that man can see. He is looking at my motives. He understands my intellect. God is pulling for me in a way that I relate to how I pull for my beloved children. I want only the best for them. I give them every benefit of the doubt. I look past any short comings or misunderstanding they may have and see only their noble intents.

The Bible says that what is important to God is not what is on the outside but rather what is inside of me. Yes! That makes sense.

The Bible says man looks on the outside but God looks upon the heart. The idea that God is fair and knows where I am coming from on the inside makes sense.

The Bible says that God loves me, that he made me, that he is pulling for me and that his opinion of me is based upon what I know to be right and wrong. God does not hold me accountable for what I do not know. Rather he expects me to act honestly based upon what I do understand. That again makes sense.

The Bible says God wants me to seek after him and that if I seek for God I will find him because he wants me. I can not speak for others here or in distant lands but it makes sense that I will be held accountable for what I do know, and it is this knowledge that I have, by which I must live. If I was God and I wanted to be fair to all mankind I would have this same standard. Therefore this makes logical sense to me.

I can be an illiterate shepherd on a hillside with out the first book or teacher, and I can look upon creation and want in earnest to understand its creator, and God will look at me, not as one who is ignorant of the scriptures, not as one who would be a complete misfit in any modern church, but as a diligent seeker of him. God will embrace me as a father embracing his child whom he loves and show himself to me. It makes sense to me that my creator would love me so.

Do you want to find God? Seek for him. That is what this web site is all about. Seeking for God. Discussing God. Helping others by sharing your thoughts. That is what the church in the New Testament did. The church was not a gathering in a cathedral where bored parishioners daydreamed while a clergyman delivered the service and sermon. Rather, Christians sat in homes sharing with each other their thoughts about God.

This is how believers learned of God and helped others to find God.

As you look for God I encourage you to participate in the discussions on this web site. Some of the opinions may be a bit radical. Many here are seeking as you are. Some are just down right skeptical. And a few are convinced they don't believe in God at all. So expect anything.

Your participation helps others in their search. It also helps you to keep your focus on diligently seeking for God. In today's world diligence in the search for God is not the issue. The biggest problem is that people are not even thinking about God in the first place, much less seeking for him. The purpose of this web site is to promote the quest for God.